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Technology can transform the lives of individuals with sight loss, but they need to learn what will work best for them and how to use it. Our Accessible Technology Support program introduces new accessible technology options (smartphone apps, virtual reality experiences, screen readers and the latest devices/updates) through workshops, group sessions and one on one training for people with varying degrees of sight loss.

Braille Dotes


$500 buy Orbit Braille reader used as a teaching tool to access technology.




     $600 teaches one user to read audio book with a DAISY player.



Magnifying Glass


$999 buy Candy 5 HD II Video magnifier, used as a teaching tool to read printed materials.



$4,000 buys 7 DAISY audio book players. Speaker Image


For more information about Accessible Technology, click here.

You can also reach us by phone at 1-800-563-2642.