Below, you’ll find answers to the most common questions we’re asked about fundraising for CNIB. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for here, please don’t hesitate to call the CNIB Helpline at 1-800-563-2642 or email us at

Tax receipts

Organizing your event

Tax receipts

If I’m holding a fundraiser for CNIB, what do I need to know about tax receipts?

There are a few things you’ll need to know about tax receipts before you hold your fundraiser, the most important of which is whether or not your event’s supporters will be eligible to receive them. Gifts of less than $15 cannot be receipted, nor can sponsorships, or the costs of a donated service like entertainment or catering. Remember, tax receipting for third party events can be complicated, so be sure to work closely with your CNIB contact before promising participants a receipt.
It’s important to note, however, that it’s your decision whether or not to issue tax receipts to your supporters – even if they are eligible.  Sometimes, depending on the type of event and the kinds of donations made, issuing tax receipts may be a very complicated process for both you and CNIB, and can require a lot of accompanying documentation that you are responsible for providing. If you don’t feel that the people who support your event will care about receiving tax receipts, it may be worth considering not issuing them at all.

If you do make the decision to issue tax receipts to eligible supporters, you (the event organizer) will need to send CNIB a list of full names and addresses for those who will receive them, as well as documentation of the fair market value of the benefits they received at the event.

Source documents are required for this and include invoices, receipts and proof of fair market value through Internet research. Benefits would include event elements like food/drinks, gift bags and entertainment. Net proceeds from the event must be greater than or equal to the total amount to be receipted (i.e., we cannot receipt for more than is being donated). You’ll also need to Register Your Event with CNIB 30 days before your event. This is the agreement between you and CNIB to adhere to tax receipting guidelines.

Finally, your event proceeds need be forwarded to CNIB within 45 days of the event. Under Canada Revenue Agency guidelines, CNIB must have received donations by the last business day of December (or donations must be postmarked prior to December 31) in order for your supporters to be eligible for income tax receipting in that calendar year.

Either way, you just need to make sure you tell your supporters beforehand if they’ll be receiving a tax receipt.


I never received my tax receipt for an event I attended. Can you reissue it?

We're sorry you didn't receive your tax receipt. Please email and include your full name, telephone number, mailing address, gift amount and what event you were involved with. We will look into it and get in touch shortly.


I think you made a mistake on my tax receipt and I need a new one.

Please accept our apologies for that mistake. Please email and include your full name, telephone number, mailing address and gift amount. We will look into it and get in touch shortly.



Organizing your event

Will you recognize me in any way for hosting a fundraising event?

CNIB recognizes groups and individuals hosting fundraising events in a few different ways, like “thank you” letters, certificates and public recognition (such as acknowledging your support on our website) for those who contribute larger sums. Though we are incredibly grateful for every person who generously devotes their time and energy to raise funds for CNIB, please understand that it’s not financially possible for us to offer “thank you” materials of this kind to everyone who supports us.


What does CNIB provide?

CNIB will provide event organizers with:
•    A letter of endorsement as written confirmation to validate the authenticity of an approved event once you register your event, and the date and venue have been confirmed.
•    An online event listing on CNIB’s special events web calendar.
•    The use of the “in support of CNIB” logo in an electronic format suitable for print production and/or your online communications.
•    Event planning resources and templates.
•    If available, a CNIB staff member to attend the event.
•    Upon request, a CNIB ambassador to attend the event.
•    Template “thank you” letters for sponsorships and other non-receiptable contributions.
•    Charitable tax receipts according to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) rules and regulations.


What does CNIB not provide?

CNIB will not provide event organizers with: 
•    Funding or reimbursement for event expenses.
•    Mailing lists, such as donor lists or CNIB client lists.
•    Prizes, auction items and/or awards.
•    Promotion and/or advertising of the event except on the online special events calendar.
•    Co-ordination of applications for any licenses the event may require.
•    Co-ordination of ticket sales and/or corporate sponsorship.
•    Guaranteed attendance of staff, volunteers or ambassadors at your event.


Will CNIB pay for my upfront event expenses? 

Unfortunately, as a charity, CNIB is not in a position to pay for the cost of an individual’s event expenses – even if the funds will be returned after the event is over. We also can’t reimburse you for your event expenses after-the-fact. We would suggest that you make a detailed list of all your event expenses as you go, then reimburse yourself for those expenses from the money you fundraise.   


I want to hold a gambling event/raffle. Is there anything I need to know about gambling laws for an event like this?  

Yes, gaming and lottery fundraising events (like bingos, 50/50 draws, raffles or games of chance) often have special considerations that require permits. Please visit the Canadian Gaming Association website for more information. CNIB will not endorse/support or accept donations from events that are not able to be licensed.

Legally, all raffles must be registered with your local municipality. After that, there is a processing time of approximately eight to 10 weeks to receive a raffle license and your prize cannot change afterwards. CNIB will not apply for a raffle license unless the net proceeds to the organization will meet or exceed $50,000. We recommend that instead, you hold a promotional draw. You can run a draw without acquiring a license, but you must offer the tickets for free, asking instead for a donation for the ticket. 

Do I have to register my fundraising event with you?

Yes, we strongly encourage everyone who holds a fundraising event for CNIB to register it on our registration page. That way we can help answer questions you may have about finances and tax receipting, and guide you in organizing your event – or just cheer you on along the way. (Please note that the amount of assistance we’ll be able to offer you will depend on the capacity of our team and the size of your event, but we’ll do our absolute best to help!)

Can you send information about my event to your donors?

Unfortunately, we are not able to send information about individual events to our donors.

Can you help me find sponsors for my event?

We will be happy to work with you to brainstorm ideas about what sponsors may be worth reaching out to, or give you tips on how to be successful in getting sponsors on board, but we can’t directly approach businesses or corporations for you. 

Can you promote my event?

We would love to add your event to our Event Listings page. But unfortunately, we are not in a position to provide promotional materials or media outreach for your event.

How can I associate my event with CNIB?

You’ll need to register your event if you’ll be using CNIB’s logo on your event materials. This form is an agreement between you and CNIB to use our logo appropriately and adhere to tax receipting guidelines.

Some other guidelines to consider:

•    Be sure to promote a positive image of CNIB. We may need to withdraw permission and support should any activity be discovered that undermines CNIB’s mission or reputation.
•    Your event communications should clearly state the extent to which CNIB is a beneficiary of the event. For example, “a portion of the proceeds will go to CNIB.”
•    You may respond to media inquiries related to your event, but inquiries relating to CNIB in general should be forwarded to your contact at CNIB or to our CNIB Helpline at 1-800-563-2642 (or email us at
•    Be sure to obey the law and obtain the necessary permits, licenses and insurance for your event. We cannot assume any legal, financial or any other liability for your event.
•    Please be aware that you cannot make any promises on behalf of CNIB or obligate CNIB without our written consent.

Can I put your logo on my event materials?

After you register your event and it’s approved, we can provide you with our logo and brand guidelines.

I would like to fundraise at work. How can I get started?

Visit our Get Your Company Involved page to learn about the many ways you can support CNIB with fundraisers in your workplace, whether you're an employee or an employer.

After my event is over, how and when do I submit my funds to CNIB?

Please submit the funds you’ve raised within 45 days of the event taking place. Please note that under Canada Revenue Agency Canada guidelines, CNIB must have received donations by the last business day of December (or donations must be postmarked prior to December 31) in order for your supporters to be eligible for income tax receipting in that calendar year.

You can submit the funds you’ve raised to your local CNIB office or our national office at:

1929 Bayview Avenue 
Toronto, ON 
M4G 3E8

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