2018 CNIB Night Steps London

Cash Loving the Sunset and Being out at Night
Cash Loving the Sunset and Being out at Night

Cash's kNights

We walk for our son, brother, cousin, grandson, and friend, Cash Schleihauf. He is a charming 4 year old, with an incredible personality, and a love for all. He was diagnosed as being legally blind at 5 months old, and instantly became a client of CNIB. They have helped him transition into daycare, and now school.

CNIB has supplied Cash with a white cane, and has taught him how to navigate confidentally with it. His O&M specialist meets with him regularly to assist in navigating stairs, the school yard, and many other areas of concerns.

They started with pre-braille learning at an early age, and since starting school in September, he can now identify the first 16 letters of the alphabet, including his numbers.

Cash is the definition of a one-of-a-kind kid, and we have been truly blessed to learn so much from him, and with him.

With the support of CNIB, we have learned how subtle changes in his life, can make a huge difference. So many things have seemed like common sense, but without the experience of CNIB staff, we would have never thought how challenging they are for Cash.

Thank you CNIB, and all of Cash's extended support family for the year's of service, and the many more year's to come.

If you would like to support the services that Cash, and fellow CNIB clients receive, please consider a small donation to our team. We will be walking the event, and would appreciate anyone who would like to join our team for a nice walk in September.

Thank you in advance for all who support this event.


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